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Here you can get acquainted with my work and buy a picture for yourself or as a gift!

My name is Anastasia Mirra. Since childhood, I have been engaged in various types of creativity.

Features of my work: I do not follow the mainstream and fashion, but create my own world; I have my own style and it manifests itself in everything, based on a personal vision; I do not have a goal to prove something to someone, but I have a desire to share. My creations are unique, original and full of meaning.

I want everyone to turn to creativity, think and experience a range of feelings and thoughts, be filled with energy and inspiration!

Each picture contains a piece of my soul, knowledge and experience that I want to share. They have their own history, which you can learn to feel the closeness of creation.

I believe that when a picture is born, it already chooses a companion to help. She knows where she will be and who she will inspire. This is the inevitable path for her and the one to whom she is destined.

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