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“HarmonyFlute” – workshop of flutes, in which the best folk flutes from natural wood are made for more than 15 years.

Our areas of work:
made and sale of flutes
learning to play the flute for children and adults
group “Mirra”: concerts and master classes

The flute — is the only musical instrument that connects music with breathing and reveals the inner world of the player. Gives natural health and strong spirit.

Mission of the workshop – is tell people about the Flute as a Natural Source of Physical and Spiritual Health.

Anastasia and Pavel Mirra are the founders of the workshop, making flutes and exploring the interconnection of playing the flute with breathing, creativity, physical health and the spiritual world. They developed an author’s technique for learning to play the flute, according to which anyone can learn to play. In technique, many practical exercises are collected, which lead to a high result.

Making flutes

For us – it is a process filled with creativity and life. We make unique flute and carrying a positive charge!

We are use only NATURAL materials. Wood for flute passes strict selection, the inner flute channel impregnated with linseed oil, the outside covered with natural lacquer flute alcohol-based.

Flutes models developed by professional designer, have aesthetic, proportionality and ergonomics! All flutes have a great sound, fine-tuned by the tuner and musical ear.

In the workshop flutes are made:

with a closed whistle: svirel, kalyuka, whistle, naf
with an open whistle: samponio, quena, quenacho, shakuhachi
traverse flutes in different tonalities, Irish flute
diagonal flutes: kavale and shupelka
author’s flutes: Mirra flute and okazima

Workshop manufactures flutes for over 15 years and continues to evolve, expanding its scale: flutes are constantly adding new models developed by their own drawings and improving the quality of production.

Learning to play the flute

In training we use a unique, methodology developed by us unique in the world especially for people who do not have the experience of playing the flute, and want the creative and spiritual development. Performing simple and easy exercise student achieves 100% result and feel improvement in their condition with the first class. In the process of learning by the method in humans produced the basic skills of the game, developed hearing and musicality, breath control, removed bodily stiffness and mental stereotypes, be creative possibilities for improvisation and composing their own tunes, there is self-disclosure of internal capacity, which helps develop a person harmoniously.
Group “Mirra”: concerts and master classes

Russian group «Mirra» reflects the power and beauty of nature.

«The group music is the world of the sun and the intertwining branches of a tree, which grow higher and higher, discovering infinity. This is not music to relax, it’s most powerful hurricane of thoughts and images for inner understanding…»

Guitar melodies intertwined with the sounds of flutes and voices. A special mood is created with wooden flutes of different nations, that musicians made themselves. Each musical composition is filled with a mysterious depth, which helps to immerse in yourself in order to become stronger and better.

Live acoustic music.
Anastasia Mirra — vocals, flutes, poesy,
Pavel Mirra — guitar, flutes, music.

Flutetherapy — this complete rest for your inner peace, relaxation of the body and relieve stress accumulated during the week. This is the time you spend in the atmosphere of high-frequency sound of beautiful melodies of flutes of different peoples of the world. You will stop the flow of your normal everyday thoughts and deeds, tuning in to your inner voice – intuition.
Accumulated a lot of interesting information, which is built in sequence, creating a methodology for teaching the game, and spiritual growth. The results lead to the conclusion that the flute changes us and the world around us for the better, and we want to share in the book of the flutes, which are now writing. It is understandable and useful to most people. Flute carries a positive charge, improves, changes the spiritual world and the way people live, customizing them to the positive and faith in yourself, in your spirit. We see this as good and want more and more people to learn the flute, on the other hand, not as something incomprehensible, but as a stick wand, which anyone can use, applying their desire and determination.

Peace and harmony to you !!!

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